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About Us

Thedecision to study abroad is an important decision to say the least. A rightdecision can take your career to new heights but at the same time, a wrong onecan set you behind by a huge amount of money, a few wasted years, and mostimportantly, a career setback. That can cost the highest.

There are many factors, which oneshould consider while studying abroad. Every student has his own background,expectations from studying abroad, financial capacity, and aspirations.Therefore, the process of going abroad has to be completed with utmost care.

We at FACT guide you through theentire process of making a career plan, preparing for the entrance tests,selecting the right country, selecting the right institution to study andfinally making your candidature presentable to the admission officers of theinstitutions. We have been associated with managing this process on behalf ofour student clients for the past 12 years. We have helped more than 4,000students achieve their objectives.

A few important we's

•We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization.
• We have placed students rangingfrom high school pass outs to Ph.D.
• We have more than 100 man years ofexperience in this field.
• We guide students from all over theworld. 
• We provide our services throughtelephonic conversations, video conferences and e mails.


Our courses offered in all our officesare a part of our training division. FACT has been offering goal-driven andskill-enhancing courses since 1996, and has been recognized as a Value-leaderfor test training courses (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL). The objective of our testpreparation courses offered in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik is to provide training with a view toimparting conceptual understanding of the test assessment areas. The objectiveof the training classes is also to arm students with efficient Procedures fordealing with the test sections, time-tested and works-every-time Strategies forpicking the correct answers to all Verbal and Quantitative problems, and uniqueDiagnostic support in all assessment areas so that each student can achieve abetter score. We provide the best courses backed by the best score Guarantee.

FACT also providesits students the facility of E-Learning wherein the students can practice theirtests online regularly. FACT also provides regular online classes for allstudents.