Adobe Flex ActionScript Interview Questions and Answers


Tell some new capabilities / Features of Flash AS 3.0?

? URLLoader class to load text or binary data (The ActionScript 2.0 MovieClipLoader
and LoadVars classes are not used in ActionScript 3.0. The Loader and URLLoader
classes replace them.)

? Sound.computeSpectrum() (Takes a snapshot of the current sound wave and
places it into the specified ByteArray object. It returns a ByteArray containing
512 normalized values (-1 to 1) that can be used to visually display the waveform
of sound. 256 values for the left channel and 256 values for the right channel.
These values can be use to create Sound Spectrum Analyzer displays in Audio Players
like Winamp and Windows Media Playres.)

? BitmapData.getPixels() (Generates a byte array from a rectangular region
of pixel data. Writes an unsigned integer (a 32-bit unmultiplied pixel value) for
each pixel into the byte array. No need to loop through every pixel in a bitmap,
one at a time with getPixel to send a bitmap to the server.)

? MovieClip.currentLabel (This returns the label of the current frame as a
String. The current label in which the playhead is located in the timeline of the
MovieClip instance. If the current frame has no label, currentLabel is set to the
name of the previous frame that includes a label. If the current frame and previous
frames do not include a label, currentLabel returns null.)

? stage.frameRate ( At runtime frame rate of stage can be change)

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