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Define precondition and post-condition to a member function in C++?

Precondition: A precondition is a condition that must be true on entry to a member
function. A class is used correctly if preconditions are never false. An operation
is not responsible for doing anything sensible if its precondition fails to hold.
For example, the interface invariants of stack class say nothing about pushing yet
another element on a stack that is already full. We say that isful() is a precondition
of the push operation. Post-condition: A post-condition is a condition that must
be true on exit from a member function if the precondition was valid on entry to
that function. A class is implemented correctly if post-conditions are never false.
For example, after pushing an element on the stack, we know that isempty() must
necessarily hold. This is a post-condition of the push operation.

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