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What is a COPY CONSTRUCTOR and when is it called?

A copy constructor is a method that accepts an object of the same class and copies
it’s data members to the object on the left part of assignement:

class Point2D{

int x; int y;

public int color;

protected bool pinned;

public Point2D() : x(0) , y(0) {} //default (no argument) constructor

public Point2D( const Point2D & ) ;


Point2D::Point2D( const Point2D & p )


this->x = p.x;

this->y = p.y;

this->color = p.color;

this->pinned = p.pinned;



Point2D MyPoint;

MyPoint.color = 345;

Point2D AnotherPoint = Point2D( MyPoint ); // now AnotherPoint has color = 345

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