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What is C++ namespace?

Namespaces allow us to group a set of global classes, objects and/or functions under
a name. To say it somehow, they serve to split the global scope in sub-scopes known
as namespaces.

The form to use namespaces is:

namespace identifier { namespace-body }

Where identifier is any valid identifier and namespace-body is the set of classes,
objects and functions that are included within the namespace. For example:

namespace general { int a, b; } In this case, a and b are normal variables integrated
within the general namespace. In order to access to these variables from outside
the namespace we have to use the scope operator ::. For example, to access the previous
variables we would have to put:

general::a general::b

The functionality of namespaces is specially useful in case that there is a possibility
that a global object or function can have the same name than another one, causing
a redefinition error.

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