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What is the difference between an ARRAY and a LIST?


Array is collection of homogeneous elements.

List is collection of heterogeneous elements.

For Array memory allocated is static and continuous.

For List memory allocated is dynamic and Random.

Array: User need not have to keep in track of next memory allocation.

List: User has to keep in Track of next location where memory is allocated.


Array uses direct access of stored members, list uses sequencial access for members.

//With Array you have direct access to memory position 5

Object x = a[5]; // x takes directly a reference to 5th element of array

//With the list you have to cross all previous nodes in order to get the 5th node:

list mylist;

list::iterator it;

for( it = list.begin() ; it != list.end() ; it++ )


if( i==5)


x = *it;





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