C++ Interview Questions and Answers


You have two pairs: new() and delete() and another pair : alloc() and free(). Explain differences between eg. new() and malloc()


1.) “new and delete? are preprocessors while “malloc() and free()? are functions.
[we dont use brackets will calling new or delete].

2.) no need of allocate the memory while using “new? but in “malloc()? we
have to use “sizeof()?.

3.) “new? will initlize the new memory to 0 but “malloc()? gives random
value in the new alloted memory location [better to use calloc()]


new() allocates continous space for the object instace

malloc() allocates distributed space.

new() is castless, meaning that allocates memory for this specific type,

malloc(), calloc() allocate space for void * that is cated to the specific class
type pointer.

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