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How can I get the current date or time of day in a C program?

Just use the time, ctime, localtime and/or strftime functions. Here is a simple

#include <stdio.h>

#include <time.h>

int main()


time_t now;


printf("It's %s", ctime(&now));

return 0;


Calls to localtime and strftime look like this:

struct tm *tmp = localtime(&now);

char fmtbuf[30];

printf("It's %d:%02d:%02dn",

tmp->tm_hour, tmp->tm_min, tmp->tm_sec);

strftime(fmtbuf, sizeof fmtbuf, "%A, %B %d, %Y", tmp);

printf("on %sn", fmtbuf);

(Note that these functions take a pointer to the time_t variable, even when they
will not be modifying it.

Posted by:Richards