3i Infotech paper on 13th May on Delhi

Paper: 3i Infotech paper on 13th May on Delhi

1. Tell about ur self.

2. why are u leaving ur existing company?.

3.Asked about hobies

4. Asked about daily routine

5.do u have valid passport?..

6.asked about different courses which i done after B.E.?

7. Why not i am going for Ph.D. weather several international and national papers i published in diffrent conferences?..

8. Asked me for put my questions..i asked
a. what type be bond structure will be there?..
Ans.. There will be bond for 2 years during this my all the orignal certificates will be submitted to the company, and if i break the bond in first year then will have to pay Rs.86000/= and in second year Rs.100000/= has to pay.

b. among lot of modules how many modules will have to learn individuals? Ans. each particular has to be undergone some specific moduleand will be declared after selection.etc..

After that some technical question were asked by Sir:

1.Difference b/n switches and routers and uses of the same

2.Significance of firewall

3.How to use firewall?

4.What will u choose networking or Server?

5. How can be two different networks can be made members of same domain?.

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