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There was 150 questions in 90 minutes. 50 of each Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and English, I attempted 35 -English, 25 Reasoning, 19-Quants.

There was 1/4 negative marking so no need to make guess. the paper war very lengthy. Quants was just worst calculations. I was not sure to clear it but I made it. Actually paper was of any ban entrance of any south bank.... the name of bank was written lower it which shows that 3i do not make any effort to set the paper

in GD we were 16 people and 7 cleared it, the topic was "Indian villages are strength or weakness", if possible initiate it and pretend to listen others with your some good points without repetition after that was interview. there were 2 women. they asked

1) tell me about yourself with your family background
2) what was your projects
3) why shud we hire you tell apart from hard working
4) have passport
5) are you willing to relocate
6) do you know about bond (they tell me)
7) what is OS
8) what is SDLC

and they told me that result will be declared after 3 month and they declared after a month...

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