Capgemini Interview Pattern - GCETT, Serampore, Kolkata, Sep 28, 2011

Hey I am Avijit. I want to share my experience on the interview of Capgemini held in our college on 28th sept 2011.

There were 4 rounds

1. Aptitude test online (20 verbal (20 min)+30 nonverbal(30 min)+ 20 math(20 min)).Each group has it individual cut off of 50%.these are very easy questions.

2. Group Discussion:It was also a very easy round.they give us a topic "computer dependency is good thing "I spoke against last cleard the round..

3. Next it was technical round and P . I .,HR .It was little tough...

First he asked me,"avijit,how r u feeling now".i answered i am very tensed as this is my first interview of my life.he told just relux.then he wanted my cv and some question about my background and education,project etc...

Then he asked me about my fav sub.i told c, d.s .,o.s.
and ask me the sub of my training.
i ansd J2EE.He then told why J2ee.ur fav sub is c then u should do it with c..i ansd.
he then start asking question.

1. What is virtual function example,use? i Ansd.
2. How can u run a c progrm without header file? done
3. How can u free alocated memory using c? done
4. Can u use C as OOPS? Done.
5. Write a c program to overload a function...??done..
6. What is alloc.give an example.done
7. How will u do it using java..?done
8. Ask some question on O.S.It was easy..
9. Ask some questions(7 or 8) on Java and D.S.(5 ques.)
10. At last he asked why should we hire u?ansd
11. Have u any question? i asked:am i technically sound sir?

He skipped it..and shake hand with me..
Then after a long wait i got it..

out of 74 ,34 cleard apti,16 cleard gd.and 9 got selected..
So hope it will help u..For futher info u can contact me avi9804(at)
Thank u all.

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