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In general  Kanbay (or) Capegemini is conducting it's test pattern as follows:
-----1) written test --> mathematics + analytical (very easy)
-----2) group discussion
-----3) general interveiw (technical partly & maximum of hr)

1. Written criteria:
at 11:00 we have attended 4 written
I feel that as an enginnering student it can be answered without any preparation since mathematics is our intermediate basis &  analytical is our commonsense...

Mathematics---->30 ques +       }---->60 min & correct--1m; wrong--->1/4 -ve marking;
analytical----->30 ques

Cutoff---->min of 10m in each section......
No "over" cutofff...
Attended : 300
passed   : 66

I Did well & luckily I'm one of 66.....

2. Group discussion:      
12 a batch ; totally 6 batches... our topic is "ragging in campuses" iam the initiater ; fluent in english & started smartly by replacing, the culture of ragging with interaction among sr's & jr's.....
I Lead the team efficiently through out my discussion by
---> releasing new points when deviation in team observed
like organisation of events like sports & freshers meet to have healthy interaction among them
---> made the team to run on my words & ultimately gaining trust from them to my point
---> good body language;evoking points like by frequent get-togethers with sr's jr's can acquire academic knowledge efficiently & faster than single one's...
---> So, initiate; come with good points whenever necessary; etting consensus is quite important at the end... U get selected in gd if u follow this

Result :out of 66 ;;;"44" are selected  since all batches done well as a team & group... I'M one of themmmm...                  

3. Interview:
absolutely it is a full pledged hr --interview.........
I Was called & I entered the rooom (I was from "ece" background)
--> Good evening sir! -->Hi sravan take ur seat
--> thanq sir
--> tell me about yourself ?----> I covered my resume with the addition of my qualities
--> intersting areas --- 8085 mp & programming in 'c'....,
--> asked me 2 write a program in 8085 assembly language
--> about linked lists in "c".....
--> About flipflops  in dcs...
--> How do u react if  u   r  not selected in kanbay  ?
--> Gave an extra-ordinary answer with  good vocabulary....
--> After  my answering to  all questions  he asked

Only one thing that "how can u give ur answers in such an effective way!!!!
I Think u have prepared every word before interview ????????"
answer:  to be honest "yes" sir ...

--> Then his question was "so u speak all this formally because of interview but not really??"
answer: no sir "words are not coming from mind,,,evoking from my "heart".......""
--> for this he was impressed very much by saying "wow what a golden word"... after that he asked my strengths
--> habit of doing it now; versatile & flexible ; optimistic

Tooooooooooo impressed
he asked about location : mumbai, pune, hyd etc.,
I said that 'I  will go with the company'
that's my interview completed....

Out of 44 ---- selected -> 30 ******** I was a Kanbaian now**********
I attended
--> accenture ; mindtree ; hp-------> out in gd'ssssssss
--> infosys  --> out in interview
I left out ->wipro & satyam ( I.e., I myself dropped to these companies due to having no interest in them)

All my friends recruited but iam waiting for good company
nspite of that I have attended with abundance of "confidence" which is key to success

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