Hi Friends

I m Animesh Pateriya 4m L.N.C.T., Bhopal.

There were 4 rounds of selection
1. Written test (1st time online).
2. G.D.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR interview.

In Written test Capgemini g4solution 4 written test
it was online test having 2 section & 50 ques. 25 Each of aptitude & l.r.

Aptitude questions were o.k. type ques, means one can easily attempt 20 out of 25
there were ques like find x if 15+2x+3y/25+9x-8y=7x-6y+85/3x+2y+76
2. Calculate unit digit of 2^51???????
3. Pick d odd one out
4. 2 Ques 4m boat & stream prob.
2-3 Ques 4m train prob means time speed & distance
etc. Were there u can do it easily

LR portion was bit tough & time consuming
There were situations given & only 1 ques. was there 4m every situation. So it was time cnsuming & confusing but I'll say u need 2 practice 4m barron then u can do it.

There were sectional cutoff for each section & a overall cutoff (upper & lower cut off)
I think there was lower cut off of 21 & upper cut off of 28. I got 27 right as I was told in my hr interview. After written test 58 out of 205 were short listed 4 gd

2nd was GD round
It was a easy one. topics were general like present status of indian cricket team, should kissing be allowed in indian culture openely (shilpa shetty case), likewise...

There were 2 pannels 4 technical interview I got the better one (one who was selecting most)
I was asked ques.->
1 tell me something abt ur self.
2 How many langguages u know???
3 Ques 4m "C".
4 He asked me my favourate subject I said "data communication"
he asked some ques 4m data comm. & Gave me "hr form"

There was a lady hr only 2 take hr interview 28 students were there 4 hr round

In HR interview I was mostly asked g.k. Ques lik
what is d currency of france (as it was france based co.)
what is the currency of uk
how many continents are there
who is prime minister of uk???
What do you know about Capgemini? Etc.

Result was declared on 15th of May finally 16 students got selected & I was one of them.

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