CSC Interview Procedure  
there were 5 rounds(knockout) in CSC (June 2004 Indore)
if u clear first round u go into second and so on
1 Aptitude test
2 Technical test
3 Group speaking
4 Tech intervu
5 HR intervu
i was able to reach HR intervu

1 Aptitude Test
very very easy question(100 question in 25 minutes)
so only important thing is speed; questions r really easy just u need 2 read them and u can mark the answer. so how fast u read is also important
no need to preparation if u have (atleast) an average IQ

2 Technical Test
75 question in 30 minutes
so again speed matters nearly 35-37 question were from previous pprs
9-10 question were from elex and electrical bkgrnd so it is hard to solve them follow ur intution

3 Group Speaking
somewhat like GD(but not GD)
coz in this each person will get chance to speak in round robin order. u have to speak mininum 30sec and max 1 minute. I got the topic SONIA AS P.M.
there were 13 in my grp 7 got through (in fact in each round they eliminate half the candidate)

1 dont make eye contact with the HR person
2 dont speak what the others have said say some new point (the poor guy on the last )
3 u shld b grammiticaly correct and fluent
4 always start with a welcome note like (good morning to all)
5 if u r in the last try 2 conclude the discussion
6 smile (all these points carry marks ive seen there score sheet)

4 Tech Intervu
they write down the subjects from ur CV and also asks ur fav subjects and grills u on each of these but they ask very simple questions
u need 2 b cool and confident
one thing 2 remember in this intervu (infact in all tech intervus of any company) that dont try 2 disguise. if u dont know anythin say straight that i dont know
or I can try but i dont know it exactly

5 HR interview
typical but wht they expect i dont know coz this intervu of mine was the best i ve given till date (7 intervu/ got 3 offers) but i wasnt selected
(i think the reason is that after all these rounds they take ur % or grade into consideration coz the guy who was selected had 84% and i had 68%
but I may b wrong or another mistake that i did that I oversold myself)
(350 appeared initilly in 1st round /13 reached to HR /6 selected finally)

DECLARATION the pattern or paper might b differnt in ur college/walkin i m not responsible 4 that. the tips may or may not work 4 u. one thing more if u get offer from CSC accept it coz this company is the best (atleast in india) to work with. Package is superb (we were told 25000/- pm )and u have the chance to go abroad very soon in this company.

Shared by: Krishna Rani