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recently I got selected in CSC India, so for the benefit of the whole group I am writing about the interview and written pattern for CSC, which  was as follows :

Steps for selection :

  First an apti writtenRight after that a technical writtenCandidates shortlisted, called for GD in groups of 4-5 ( I got topicabout bollywood movies performing well overseas. ) Interviews (both HR and Tech together)   Written test:It consisted of two papers ( both held separately ) of 40 mins each.
      Aptitude ( vocab, quanta, puzzles, Data interpretation, data sufficiency ) .. everything similar to CAT and other mba enterance stuff. total 40 questions. Vocab was limited to matching the pairs. Technical ( total 75 questions ) about all topics..C,C++,java,networking,dbms,os, even electronics ( very less ), general tech stuff etc., due to no. of questions, one had to keep track of time.. most were pretty easy.. There was No Negative marking. And yeah, many tech questions were repeat from prev year questions...  NOTE: csc used to be known as PMSI previously, so their papers are imp also. they repeat even from 1999 papers !    Interview :     Well the interviewer during my time was being taken by two people.. both were HR guys. but asked very general HR questions like describe urself, hobbies, a bit bout family etc. also, what do u want to do 3 yrs down the line etc.
     In technical interview, since the itnerviewers were hr guys, they were asking basics, about dbms, ( a bit of data mining too ) like normalization forms, what are advantage & disadvantage of 3NF .. OOPs: what is oops, identify classes in this room, give their properties..about OS: diff betn linux & windows..C++ : what are friend classes, diff betn c+ & java..That's all, as far as i remember, i had a v short interview. around 15 mins. ( they were tired, i guess ) but others had bigger interviews, some almost touching 1hr.
     To other guys they asked stream related quest ( about optical fibers to electro. ) and Networking questions too.

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