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This is Madhuri I attended CSC in VIT on 31st Aug 2007. There are 5 rounds:
1 Aptitude
2 Technical (written)
3 Communications round
4 Hr
5 Technical interview

The compensation in CSC is Rs.3.00lacs per annum for MCA/B.Tech nd rs.3.14lacs for M.Tech as per the ppt till date nd 2 yrs bond.

Aptitude round: (40 questions --40 mins)
It consited of hights nd distances, ages, anology, fill in the blanks with appropriate words,derive conclusions nd problems on distance and speeds nd puzzles, etc

some questions are!!
1. A 3*3 blck is given and should be filled frm 1...9 they gave 3 numbers nd when coundted horizontally, vertically and diagnally they should sum 15. they gave nearly 7 questions on this blk really easy if u practice sudoku.

2. If x,y are 2 positive integers and they are derived as follows:
         then wats the value of f(3,0),f(1,2) etc nd hw f(1,2) can be derived in terms f(0,0),f(0,2),f(3,0)
              there 5 questions relating to this.

3. 1 question on ages i dont properly remember the questions

4.7 questions on anlogy, fill in the blanks

5.deriving conclusions 10 questions

Technical written: (55 questions 60 min)
There were 2 sets for cse and non cse. I am frm IT so these are topics asked in my set:
   1 Engineering mathematics-->2 questions
   2 Theory of computations-->1 question
   3 Computer organizations and architecture-->20 questions
   4 Digital logic-->2 or 3 questions
   5 Data structures-->8 qustions
   6 Compilers-->7 ques
  7 Mind test on personality-->5 questions
The test also includes operating systems, software engineering, general questions on sound cards some raid
it was tough

Communications test:
This is just cool bold they just ask hw do u make tea, wht u done if u suddenly get 2 crores, wht u do when u come 2 know u r going to die 2morrow, etc. I cant xplain much becoz i lost in this round.

I suffered a lot here because i didnt get correct pattern any where so i wanted to help others.

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