Hi Friends  
The exam which you are pointing, i think it's a general exam which CSC conducts for every person as the initial process, it contains the general ability, but i would like to suggest you to go through the Competitive Success Review (CSR) or any other competitive book for the preparation..
The paper contains 100 questions which you need to complete them in 25 min.
No negative marking for that, but don't try to put all random answering for the unknown one .. because even that will be judged.
And there is no general knowledge based questions, and it would be totally of 2 parts like Maths, English gramatical and you will find the alternative questions from these two parts, like 1st English, 2nd Maths, 3rd English, 4th Question Maths..etc..
Anyway all the best and even wish to be a part of CSC soon.

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