Hi Friends

I am in final year Electronics & Comm.. background

In the Written Test, We had separate papers for circuit and non-circuit branches

It has 2 parts:

- Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning type questions
After some thinking, I found that all of them are reasoning questions from previous years CAT papers especially those small sets from around 2003-2006 CAT papers

- Technical is quite simple, prev papers helped a lot

They said GD would be there but not much time was available

Technical Interview:
They asked about Computer Networks, Operating Systems, C, Data structures
Not (m)any ECE questions

Computer Networks: about layers, expand OSI, in which layer packets are formed, etc.

Operating systems: áresource allocation, write bankers algorithm, safety algorithm, deadlocks, how to resolve them, conditions for dead lock etc.

C: á write progs for call by value, reference, whats the difference, etc.

DS: á different types, which is better stack or queue, applications of áboth etc.

HR Interview:
Tell me abt urself, hobbies (I said reading books), which books u read, why did you read them, what do you know abt recession in US, do you write a bond, what did you like in the ppt, if your prev company offers more will you go and so onů

And the result: selected

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