Hi Friends

I   am B. MOHANAKANNAN from Pallavan College of engineering. I am recently   cleared aaps, gd in CSC but I failed in Tech, HR. It was an offcampus   conducted by ANNA UNIVERSITY - TNSLPP (109 colleges are participated)   eligibilty 77% and above. I am unlucky it is my 4th successive defeat
1.   CTS - 1st round

2. NOKIA SIEMENS - last   tech, hr round
3. CSC - tech, HR eliminated

So if you are an   ECE please be aware of C, C++, Computer Networks.

Interview Process:
1.   Apps Written
2. Technical Written
3. Essay Writing
4. Just a   minute - you have to speak enough
5. Technical - C, C++, Networks
6.   HR

It   involves 40 questions which include some English part also. Numeric   part was not so tough but it was very difficult to break English   questions.. time limit was 40 mts.

Technical Written
It involves 55   questions - to be completed in 40 minutes. it has questions from   microprocessor, C, C++, data struct.

Communication (just a min)
Easy   round u just have to speak for 1 minute. If u speak u will be selected

Technical Interview
My   technical interview was very short went for only 10   min.......
I: may i come in sir
HR: yes sure..
I: Good evening   sir
HR: very Good evening  Mohanakannan ...have a seat...I sat he   congrats me for clearing my previous round....
HR: tell me about ur   self
I: i told
HR:shall we start
I: yes
HR: tell me abt   structures
I: told
Hr: ok...... write a program to print 2   strings. I wrote with output....

Hr:  tell me abt ur    project.....
I: i  told
HR: what it LAN?
I: Answered..
HR:what   is DBMS?
I: sorry sir, I am from ECE thats why I don't know

HR:   u don't know oh
I: ya sir
HR:then he ask me generally abt cricket   (IPL)
Then he pass me to HR

HR Interview
he asked me about the   enviorment I would like to work... I satisfy the bond and condition....   my family background... and very special my hobbies....and my achivement   i have written in my resume...

 It was not my day   for me I have rejected. salary package is 3 lakh; after training 3.5   lakh/annum

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