iGate patni - Campus Drive, Thakur college, Mumbai 30th Oct, 2011

Hi, all i attend pool campus of igate patni on 30th oct, at thakur college.. mumbai. well we wre suppose 2 reach the college by 8am, n we even reached there but  as usual our apti started by 10 am. n got over by 11am.. the apti was easy.. they had 4 different papers, A,B,C,D.. i got D paper, there were 50 questioins.

After apti was over our results were announced by 1pm... we had placement talks.. thn by 3.30pm our technical and HR round started. my number came by 4.30pm n there was simultaneously technical and HR..  

My technical interview was was abt my B.E project and he was asking me questions on my resume wic i submited.. my luck was good..
there were 2 tecnical interviewer .. the other 1 was asking the technical quetions..

After my TI.. in the same room the HR person was there.. my PI was hardly 2 mins.. he asked me whr do i stay n where is my college, i said him  abt my collg  n residence, thn he asked me y i choosed engineering.. i said him frankly my answer.. thn will leaving he just said me see u soon... dis was my experience..

Aftr 11 days v got our preliminary results n my name was der..

Be frank b bold 2 answer any type of questions .

All the best!

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