iGATE Placement Paper (Technical)

Paper: iGATE Placement Paper (Technical)
For technical there were 20 multiple choice questions: Out of which about 6 was electronics and 14 was from computer related areas
1. Full form of TTL and CMOS
2. Which is a good conductor (Extrinsic or Intrinsic)
3. What are the different types of capacitors (Electrolytic, dielectric...etc)
4. Select a passive component from the following (four choices were there)
5. Minimum no. of lines required for communication using RS232 (Ans: i think its 2)
6. To convert 1's complement to 2's complement and vice versa
7. During which time we use 'size of' command. (ans: runtime)
8. Out of four choice we have to identify which is a macro.
9. There was one pointer expression related question.
10. To find post fix expression.
11. What type of operating system is unix (ans: pre-emptive,[not sure])
a) pre-emptive b) non-preemptive c) batch

12. Definition of Turing machine.
13. Where we use DFD(Data flow design)
a) structural languages b) object oriented languages c) UML d) all of the above
14. Name the error which occurs when we write on a page
a) segment fault b) permission fault c) page fault
15. A question based on the representation of an array in C
An array whose elements are fn pointers which inturn returns a character

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