IGATE Placement Paper 2008 (Aptitude & Technical Interview)

Paper: IGATE Placement Paper 2008 (Aptitude & Technical Interview)


1.541629 decoded as 624273. then 162937 decoded as _______.

2. Based on mathematics operation. + is division, - is multiply, * is add, / id divide. then 5+2*6/8-3 is________.

3. Time n work. a is 3 times better than b & do the work in 60 days before b. in how many days complete d work if they working together

4. If 6 parallel line is cut by another 5 parallel line, then how many parallogram r there.

5. question. on probability like odds in favour r given & find d prob in favour.

6. in how many ways a no. of 2 digit can be formed using no. 1,3,4,5,7 , when repetition is allowed.

7. The ratio of boys & girls in class is 5:4. the ratio of girls studying math & physics is 3:1. find d %age of class comprise girl studying math.

8. Based on average (very simple)

9. if 20% discount then s.p. is 24. what is s.p. if discount is 30%

10. based on venn diagram(very simple)

11. based on simple interest.(again simple)

12. based on profit and loss.

Technical Interview:

1. Brief introduction.

2. What is ur favourite subject.

3.  How microprocessor work.

4. Which language u know.

5. What is pointer & advantage? Why we use it.

6. What is ur hobbies & asked ques. on that.

7. Why signal light in traffic signal is red.

8. Asked a question from aptitude from our written test just to see you have done it urself or not.

9. Do u want 2 ask any question.

10. Thank you. plz wait outside.

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