iGate Placement Paper Pattern Held on 21st July 2008

Pattern : iGate Placement Paper Pattern Held on 21st July 2008

Company Name : iGATE

Type : Fresher

Exam/Interview Date : 21-Jul-2008

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1, Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-2

Location : Bangalore

Job Interview, Question Paper Writeup :
hi :) i could not recall some of the stuffs:(...still i ve tried to give an abstract idea:) iGATE paper 50 questions - to be answered in 60 minutes There were 2 sections.One with the english n other general aptitude.
  1.Closest meaning of the words jargon and elite...
  4.jumbled sentences
  5.phrase match
  6.fill in the blanks on the usage of articles
  7.Completing the sentence
  8.and 9.there were 2 questions on prefixing and postfixing a word to the given sentence.
  10.selecting a word which best fits in the sentence viz..among -be buy bye bee which best fits in the sentence.
  11.picking incorrect sentence from a list of 4
  12.picking correct sentence from a list of 4
  13.arrangement of phrases so as to form a meaningful sentence
  14 to 18 passage..direct questions:)
  19.fill in the blanks on verbs...
  20.and similar kind:) In section 2
  21. and 22.were non verbal...we gotta find out the result after overlapping two pictures.
  23. and 24.something like...if A+B signifies that A is husband of B , A-B signifies that A is son of B , A/B signifies that A is daughter of B and A*B signifies that A is brother of B.. then M+N/O*P....whats the relation between M and P?
  25.and 26. on syllogism
  27 and 28 on data interpretation ...a table on productions of 5 companies in the respective years was given.
  29.a problem on calender...if sunday is the first day of an year which isnt a leap year,wats the last day of that year?
  30.problem on statements and conclusions...doctor said that,"if she couldnot recover from syrup then she can rely on pills".
  31.a problem on average...there are 30 students in a class.average of 20 students is....and average of 10 students is...find the avg.
  32.problem on ages of two persons...i don remember the exact numbers:(..but it was simple:)
  33.problem on profit and loss...if a trader buys two articles at a gain of 10% and sells them at a loss of 10%,wats the result?
  34.problem on boats and streams...
  35.ratio n proportions...mixture of milk and water in some ratio was given...5 litre of milk is added...then the resulting ratio was given and new percentage of milk in the mixture was asked to find out.
  36 and 37...problems on work and men....involving three strategies like...A&B together works fa certain days ..B&C together work fa certain days and A&C together work fa certain days...find out A's work?...i don remember the exact figures:
  38.and 39.to find out the value of variable x in the given expression...
  40.41.and 43.Simple Coding and Decoding alphabets...like if BACCHAN is coded as ABDDIBO then how is season coded?:)
  44.to 50..am not able to recall them:(sorry...they were simple logical reasoning questions:)

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