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I, Er.pankajkumar goyal, had cracked the L & T infotech held by lovely institute at Jallandhar on 20th June 2007. My experience was so fine that I can't contorl my feelings even the day after declaration. There werr around 700 students at LIET, from that 289 had cleared test and then 170 cleared gd and then 133 cleared interview.

Test details. As per other test patterns there are 3 sections and 90 questions...
3.HR interview
and one is more ..i don't remember that........

There are 27 questions in each section. For cracking that test just go through from R.S.aggarwal that's sufficent and for more workhard just revice first 15 papers. all the paper is lie in this 10 papers.
1.question on labour work. one man can do the work in __ hrs how many persons can do that work in same time.,
2. what should b subtracted from a no___(given) so that it should b a perfect square.
4.one question is on pie charts....
5.on Age
6.stream section.
7.apples and orange problem... answer is Rs.3
8.disatnce and speed
9.no. divide by 5 & 7 gives reaminder 3 & 7. if same no. is divided by 35 then what is the remainder...
10.two questions on Gain profit....
11.determinant of a 3*3 matrix.
12.on angle of elevation ..a kite is at 75 mts from ground and angle of inclination is 60 deg. then find the length..
14.on venn diagram
15.on matching figures....
there r 14 more i don't remeber but i still prefer u to revice 15 papers.

English was very easy.
for reasoning just go through NTSE book.. thats perfect

There were 4 panels in which GD is distributed
as there r various topics r running  from which some are
Global warming
Working wife/house wife
mayawati rule in up
why sikhs going abroad
crimes in north india
and many more..

For this section just speak what ever u know about that topic u have a chance as their selection rate per group is very higher around 10 out of 15 students. Every one is given chance. As I was in last batch (total batches r 18) so the invigilator had spend much time by entertain himself by changing GD into debate..

My topic was working wife/housewife. first its Gd then their is debate...and time is aroun 2:30am...yes its am not pm....u hav to wait...

HR Interview
That's so easy that u can't think.
abt urself?
why L & T?
after 5 years where u think to stand in organization?
problem is on teamwork or cordination.?
why l & t hire u?
questions on projects. u mentioned in that?
just answer confidently and correctly. no need for bluffing. U must carry all ur documents with u.......
our result was declair on 21st july as their r 170 people so they had divide the students into two batches. 60 is on 20th and rest is on 21st..

So result is declaried after that at around 8:00pm. before this they had played a PPT section...pkg is of 2.22(1st year) & 2.97(2nd year)

plz always ask a good question after ur interview that shows that u r already prepared for that...

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