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let me give you all a brief view of how this selection process took place......

1. Aptitude
2. G.D
3. HR

   * There are 3 question booklets (A,B,C).
   * Each booklet has 90 questions each.
   * Time limit is 90 Ques in 90 min.
   * REFER-  R.S.AGARWAL that is more than enough to clear the paper.
   * criteria to clear the paper-- individually clear/pass each of the 3 sections in the paper.

I received the booklet (A). It was quite easy for me to answer all the questions.. The major topics covered were.
  1. Time & Work
  2. Time & Distance
  3. Ages
  4. Numbers
  5. Percentage
  6. Blood Relations
  7. Salary
  8. Comprehension
  9. Phrases
 10. Synonyms
 11. Jumbbled Letters
 12. Graphical Representation
 13. Reasoning

Time management is very important.

Nearly from about 2000 candidates... 200 cleared the aptitute- and only 95 cleard GD round. seeing this figure... you would obviously get tensed.. but to tell you the truth its very easy to clear the GD round.. jus some tips from my side..
   * Be clear in whatever you speak.
   * Do not get over excited in this round.
   * Give chance for the other candidates also to speak out.
   * You should be mentally as well as  physically present.
   * Be aware of the HR... he keeps an eye on each one's behaviour.
   * Your body language is very important.
   * And overall your CONFIDENCE level.

After clearing the GD round candidates were given a form to fill up... it is actually a form of your resume. We were asked to come the next day for the HR round.. with all the necessary documents.

In this round nearly 40-50 candidates were selected and i was one of them!!!

Ours was a group HR. We were called in as a group.. around 15 candidates together. We were made to sit in a round table with a single HR to interview us. He had all the details of each and every candidate starting from the candidates aptitute answer sheet to his/her present exam mark sheet.

He interviewed us one by one. His questions were based on whatever DETAILS we have mentioned in the form given to us.. He never went too technical.... just a gist of it. Some of the questions posed to my group of candidates are
   * what are your hobbies??
   * Give me a brief view of your project/ pp
   * what post do you wish to opt for after 2 years... why??

   * Answer to the point.
   * Dont be tensed while answering the questions.
   * Be polite enough when the HR corrects you when you are wrong.
   * Be confident in your answers.
   * your body language also counts.

The results were announced immediately. Only 3 candidates were eliminated from my batch. jus be strong in your communication skills... rest all is upto the HR.

SO be cool, relaxed, and ofcourse confident enough to face the questions.

Juliana Vincent

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