Hi Friends

I am Karthik, I have attended  L&T infotech on 23rd December 2007 at Nalanda institute of technology.

The  process consists of four rounds
1. Written test
2. GD or JAM round
3. Technical interview
4. HR round

The written test consists of 90 questions to be solved in 90 minutes,
The test consists of quantitative aptitude, verbal and non verbal reasoning and English,

Important topics:
• Pipes & Cisterns.
• Boats & Streams.
• Alligation & Mixture.
• Simple Interest.
• Profit & Loss.
• Probability.
• Problems On Ages.
• Time & work.
• Time & Distance.
• Discount.
• Problems On Numbers.
• Average.
• Plz refer Bar, Line, Pie Graphs because 6 ques will be based on any one of the graphs.

The only thing you have to do to clear the cutoff for written test is to prepare the worked out examples of RS Agarwal quantitative aptitude

Section 2 (Logical Resonning): Refer R.S.Aggarwal Verbal & Non Reasoning book.

The chapters are
• Blood Relations.
• Puzzle Test.
• Coding-Decoding.
• Statement Assumptions.
• Statement Conclusions.
• Conclusions from Passages.
• Logical Venn Diagrams.
• Arithmetic Reasoning.

This section is time consuming, so keep time management. First work out Arithmetic Reasoning.

Section 3 (Verbal Ques):
• Synonyms (5 ques).
• Antonyms (5 ques).
• Correct the Sentence.
• Analogy.
• Ques from long passage(its very easy).

Note: There is sectional cutoff.. I think its 22 out of 30..Totally app. 800 attended only abt 74 cleared written test,
There is no negative marking, time management is important

The second round was a JAM round, where we have have speak on the topic our choice for two minutes, until they ask you to stop, keep on talking, but see to it that it is not memorized,

Out of 74 they have shortlisted 37 for the technical round, In the technical round, as I am fron ece, the interviewer mainly concentration on electronics subjects like EDC, OPAMPS, Digital electronics. For CSE. and MCA, they are asking on C, Data structers (linked lists), OS, Computer networks

Mostly HR. testing your confidence. Please refer to the other question papers for the questions asked in the interview also.
After completing the G.D a form will be given out to fill-up. Points mentioned there must be the same points u will have to tell when the same questions are asked on it.

QUESTIONS ASKED TO ME... please prepare the ans. yourself because opinions may vary.
1.    introduce yourself?
2.    what is your favourite subject? I answered as digital electronics, communications, but he did not ask me from that, he asked me basic electronics questions like
3.    what is a rectifier?
4.    how many types of rectifiers are there?
5.    then he gave me a continuous signal and then asked me to explain the operation in the case of half wave rectifier and full wave rectifier? then he asked me what will happen when the diode is reversed in the case of half wave rectifier? i gave the answer
6.    then he asked me about filters and it’s types and how a  signal is converted into pure dc?and he asked me to draw capacitor filter?
7.    then asked about PCM?
8.    what is sampling?
9.    what is the difference between a digital signal and a discrete signal?
10.    what is  an SCR and explain it’s operation, symbol?
That was about my technical interview

Then, was asked to wait outside and then I was sent to the hr round,the hr madam was cool and she asked me the following questions:
1.    tell me about yourself?
2.    what are your strengths?
3.    what have you done all the months?
4.    how many companies have you attended before?
5.    what are your hobbies, I said listening to music and browsing, then she asked me the names of the websites that I browse for technology and entertainment?

Then asked me to leave for the day and told me that results would me sent through mail, to my surprise the results were sent next day, fortunately I was one among the 20 candidates who were selected, Contact me at: karthikeya409@yahoo.com.

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