NOKIA Siemens Latest Job Interview Placement Paper

Company Name : NOKIA Siemens
Type : Fresher, Job Interview  

Hi Friends,  
I like to share my written test experience in Nokia Siemens Network held on September 13, 2009.The written Test duration is Two hours consists of two section Domain Test (50 Questions) and Apptitude test (50 Questions). From my experience, first do the Apptitude... bcoz it takes so much of time to solve it. (more than 1.30 hrs)  

Apptitude Question :
1. Blood relation
2.Cubical sum like one side painted, no side painted etc...
3.Simpla interest, gain in percentage.
4.binary sum like 1 means *, 0 means $ then ...
5.+->/,     *->-,     - ->*,     /->+ then solve 1+3-4*3... like this....
6.If the word CHAIR is coded to DIBJS then wht is code word for TABLE .... like this
7.if 1kg of apple, mango, banana is rs.15, 20,30 .... then u have to buy one kg of fruits consist of equal weight of mango and bannana (ie) 25gm(mango)+25kg(banana)+50gm apple = 1kg fruit. then the total 1kg of fruit is rs20 means.... wht abt the indidual gram of apple, banana and mango.
 8. Mostly from Agarval book .......

Domain Test:
In domain test,
1.only one C Question in pointers
2.Study MOSFET, JFET ... in Electonoic devices.
3. Class A amplifier application ...   study Electronis Circuits.
4. Inductance, Capacitance value ic given.. find resistance like that ......
5. Most of tha questions from Circuits and Electronis devices.
6. Some question from Networks toooooo.....
Thats all abt written test... i just write the question models (patterns) only ..... study well and all the iam waiting for written test result........

Exam/Interview Date : 13-Sep-2009
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location :  Chennai
Contributor Name : Shan

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