Hi Friends

I am Madhushri (6th sem CS) from BTLIT College. I have got placed in Tech Mahindra.  

It was a very good experience. In first round there were 525 students. 168 Students cleared      aptitude. Finally 63 students got placed. I was one of them.  

There were 75 qs of 5 sections. Cut off is 35. Time 60 min. Dont skip any section. Attend  all the  sections.
1) 10 Qs English. Fil in the blanks with words in correct tense.
2) & 3) Also english passage reading n finding gramatical mistake n correcting. These 3   sections are very easy
4) & 5) it consists of non verbal & some quantitative qs. Non verbal was very easy. Some   quantitative qs were very easy.                  

To solve non verbal go through all the chapters of R S Agarwal verbal & non verbal. For quantitative go through rs agarval or u can solve it if u r very intelligent in solving    puzzules. Read qs n examine the 4 choices given. Check what will be the suitable ans for given qs. Its very easy to do. u can easily score above 35.        

Technical round:-
They will ask about core subjects of particular branch and C, Cc++. For CS students they  may ask from C, C++, OS, DBMS, UNIX, Microprocessor (assembly level language), computer  networks, data structure. If u r thorough with these subjects then definitly u will clear  tech round. Be thorough with all ur lab programs of C, DS, ADA.
Be bold n confident in ur ans.

HR round:-  
we were lucky that they asked only 2 qs. Tell about yourself n why did u choose ur branch. Be loud while speaking they may not eliminate in hr round. U can easily get through tech   mahindra.

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