Gardening Interview Questions and Answers


What kind of care do English Roses need?

The care of English Roses is similar to that of Modern Roses with some


Hardiness: Most English Roses can be grown in Zone 5 or warmer. 'Constance

Spry', 'Mary Rose', 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' are some of the hardiest

English Roses. 'Graham Thomas' and other yellow varieties may need some

winter protection in cold climates.

Disease: Some varieties of English Roses seem to be rather resistant to

blackspot and other diseases. However, this depends greatly on the

particular variety and climate. In particular, many of the red English Roses

have been rather susceptible to blackspot and other diseases and have been

weak growers.

Planting: While English Roses can be grown as individual plants, group

plantings of two or three plants of one variety planted closely together are

often recommended if there is room in the garden. A group planting will

produce a fuller looking growth and more flowers in an area than a single

planting. An odd number of rose bushes planted in a particular location

usually looks more natural than an even number of bushes.

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