Internet Protocol (IP) Address Interview Questions and Answers


Is a website solely dedicated to ones IP Address?

Most people think of the internet as surfing, downloading and mail, period. They
simply use their internet connection to access some outside services. But imagine
what could be done if you reverse the direction: Accessing your computer (or network)
from the outside world will eventually open up a whole set of exciting new possibilities,
like sharing data with customers and suppliers, IP telephony, video conferencing,
remote control or working abroad, monitoring and controlling your premises and much
more. All of these services need to access your computer or firewall by using its
internet IP address as a doorway. Even if you donít become excited about these possibilities,
rest assured that many others are! Marketing companies geolocate your ip address,
track your browsing habits with cookies or spyware and hackers are running robots
to locate unsecured PCs. So this website will be dedicated to everything that could
be done by accessing this doorway (your IP address), including important questions
of security and privacy that will inevitably arise. If this sounds interesting,
stay tuned!

Posted by:Richards