Be Aware & Alert of Mind-Virus

We all are always so worried about our compters. it should not have any virus, our system should be protected well, we should have firewall installed ofcourse a good anti-virus is highly required etc.

Do you about your mind. While we can't completely dismiss the idea of an AI-driven robot revolution in the distant future, a new study has found that even today's most advanced supercomputers are only one-thirtieth as powerful as the human brain.

Our brains are the most powerful computers in the world. Your brain can perform complex calculations and remember things from your past that you thought were long forgotten. It has the ability to learn as much as you want to teach it.

A computer is programmed to perform certain tasks, and it will perform them in lightning speed without problems, unless it gets bogged down with tracking cookies, Trojans and viruses. These are negative elements that hackers place in the stream of information that you are viewing. Unnoticed, they enter into your computer and begin to rewrite the programming, causing it to become slow, errors begin to occur and sometimes it will even crash from overload due to the negative information that it now has inside of it. The good news is that it can be cleaned out, removing the negative information and again installing the correct codes and programming to once again function quickly and efficiently.

Your brain is no different than the computer. The same thing can happen to your brain as with the computer. Unknowingly, we allow negative information to seep into our brains, causing us to make bad decisions or to do things that we would not do if we had the correct information. This negative information comes in the form of normal conversations with friends, family and coworkers. It is received from much of the news and media today. It is in the music that we listen to, the traffic, the tone of someone’s voice, maybe even a loved one. It happens to us due to lack of sleep or malnutrition. There are so many ways that negativity corrupts our brain and places limits from fear and anger. Although these feel real, you can control the effect they have on you.

Just like the computer has to be reprogrammed, so do you. To begin the reprogramming, you must change the negative into positive. Look for and find the good in things instead of the bad; look for happiness instead of sorrow. Listen and watch encouraging programs. Indulge in motivation. It makes a huge difference in how you think, what you say and what actions you take.

Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing — that's why we recommend it daily.”

Does the change happen all at once? No, it is a gradual change; just like the negativity that entered into your mind and slowly creeped into the crevices, so will the positive. The more you engage in feeding your mind, body and spirit positive messages, the faster you will turn the negative back into positive.

If you want to make lasting change in your life and reprogram your mighty computer, begin by taking the first step of removing the negative thoughts, influences and actions from your life and replacing them with positive, encouraging thoughts and actions. Do this repeatedly until the change is complete. How long does it take? That really is dependent on your commitment to the change.

All lasting change is made one step at a time, repeated continually until the desired result is achieved.