Google search on mobile rolling out AMP optimized pages for all supported results

As the life has changed now. Desktop and Laptop are only used in Home and Offices and most of the time people are travelling and using internet over their Android and iOS phones, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is a decent idea, with not-so-great execution. AMP pages are designed to be extremely lightweight and load almost instantly, as a solution to mobile web sites being generally terrible. Sites have to opt-in to generating AMP pages of all existing pages, which Google then caches on its own servers for faster loading.

Websites that support AMP will have a small indicator (it looks like a lightning bolt), and Google claims they have served over 600 million unique AMP documents from sites like WikiHow, Reddit, Shopify, eBay, and others. Loading the accelerated pages is supported on the Google Search app for Android and iOS, as well as the Google web search on modern mobile browsers.

AMP is the necessity for mobile users but biggest issue is that navigating to the original page can be difficult. AMP pages often do not have all the abilities that normal websites have.