Teenager's 'Padhai' app by a Teenager Girl

Women and girls have been victims of ruthless power struggles for centuries in all societies and cultures around the world. Sadly, but truly, many societies including some Muslim societies continue to exercise this patriarchy in different forms such as the denial to education, unequal salaries compared to men in workplaces, forced marriages and prostitution, among many others.

When we all talk about Women Liberalization, a Class 11 Arts student of MD college in Parel,Roshani Shaikh who resides in Nayanagar in Mahim, Mumbai has developed an app called as "Padhai".

"I want the girls in my community to be educated, so I made an app on studies called as Padhai," said 17-year-old Roshani Shaikh.

Shaikh is one of the 200 children who are part of Dharavi Diary, an NGO in Nayanagar, who believes in helping the community to learn new technology. She shared her inspirational story at TEDxDharavi held at Maharashtra Nature Park on Sunday. According to her, Dharavi Dairy has helped her as well as her friends to learn new technologies, and score good marks in exams.

Shaikh said, "In my community many girls don't go to schools and colleges. There are many drop-outs because of various reasons like many don't like to study, few parents refuse to send their children to schools etc. Through Dharavi Diary's project, we got to learn basic things like using a computer and making apps. I had seen computer in my school but never used it. But now I can not only operate it myself but I also teach others as well."

The teenage girls from Nayanagar have been participating in various TEDx platforms to share their inspirational stories. According to Shaikh, few years ago, along with two other girls she created the app, Padhai, which has four main features - Hindi, English, Maths and Call a doctor. Speaking about the app, Shaikh, said, "Since most of them don't go to school because they have to do their daily household chores this app will help them to learn the basic alphabets, words in Hindi and English language. The Maths feature will teach them the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which they can use in their daily work."

Shaikh is the only girl in her family who is pursuing further studies. "My two elder sisters studied till school and later dropped out. Even I never had interest in studies, earlier. But Dharavi Diary's creative techniques to learn motivated me to learn more, and not quit after school. I want to study hard."

Anything can motivate anyone. Hope we all will think again for the education of girls and will play our part to make a better society.