The Richest Compnay : Facebook

We all have seen that many experienced and well-known analysts warned about a slowdown for Facebook as a growing company, even Facebook itself has spoken about how it expects to see a slowdown in the growth rate of its advertising revenue. Those fears helped push the stock price down after the company posted its results in November.

But seems Facebook has manged the things well. On Wednesday investors appeared to be all smiles, after Facebook beat earnings and revenue estimates for its most recent quarter, and dramatically increased its user base. The shares were up in after-hours trading.

Instead of the $1.31 per share in profit that Wall Street was expecting, Facebook made $1.41, and its total revenue - the vast majority of which is advertising-related - came in at $8.8 billion for the quarter, compared with consensus estimates of $8.5 billion. That represented growth of more than 50% over the same quarter of last year.

For the full year, Facebook's revenue climbed by $10 billion or 54% to just over $27.5 billion, and the company's net income for the year more than doubled to $10 billion.

Facebook now has more than 1.8 billion users who log on every month, and more than 1.2 billion users who do so every day.

Major growth engine has been mobile. Over 1 billion of Facebook's daily users access the site primarily on their phones or tablets, and that number grew by 23% in the latest quarter. Mobile ad revenue now makes up about 84% of the company's total ad revenue.