Microsoft .NET Technologies Interview Questions and Answers


What is a PID? How is it useful when troubleshooting a system?

PID is the process Id of the application in Windows. Whenever a process starts running
in the Windows environment, it is associated with an individual process Id or PID.

The PID (Process ID) a unique number for each item on the Process Tab, Image Name
list. How do you get the PID to appear? In Task Manger, select the View menu, then
select columns and check PID (Process Identifier).

In Linux, PID is used to debug a process explicitly. However we cannot do this in
a windows environment.

Microsoft has launched a SDK called as Microsoft Operations Management (MOM). This
uses the PID to find out which dllís have been loaded by a process in the memory.
This is essentially helpful in situations where the Process which has a memory leak
is to be traced to a erring dll. Personally I have never used a PID, our Windows
debugger does the things required to find out.

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