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To create anything which is new in its own scence is a trill. No doubt society has grown up in every aspect of life. Mixing the things in computer and creating something absolutely new and surprising is a new hobby of many users, specially in social media. Photoshop is so popular nowadays. Its a very useful and at the same time very innovative.
According to the password security firm, stolen user data from Adobe's recent breach is being circulated on the Internet.
Adobe said on Tuesday that its data breach a month ago was far bigger than the original 3 million accounts estimate.
The stock repurchase programme is similar to its previous $1.6 billion stock repurchase programme, which the firm exhausted during the second quarter of fiscal 2012, it added.
Adobe says a cyberattack on its systems has exposed credit card information of 2.9 million customers.
Adobe said the move would "bring critical cross-channel campaign management capabilities to the Adobe Marketing Cloud."
Adobe has been shifting to web-based subscription service Creative Cloud from a licensing model since 2012.
Adobe has released a much-awaited upgrade to it's Creative Cloud suite of applications adding a range of features to the platform.
Tech lobbyists are now carefully wording their support for the entire bill without outright endorsing the centerpiece of the legislation - citizenship for illegal immigrants.
Adobe has officially released its Lightroom 5 software for Windows and Mac.
Adobe has announced the launch of Creative Cloud for individuals and enterprise in India.
Adobe's move is part an industry trend toward selling software as a subscription service rather than as a one-time sale item.
It looks like Adobe is planning to launch a high-end photo editing utility for tablets, on the lines of its Lightroom software.
Adobe has posted a beta release of the next version of its popular photo-management and editing software Lightroom.
Lynch, who joined Adobe in 2005 through its acquisition of Macromedia, will be Apple's vice president of technology.
Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the launch of creative cloud offering in India.
Adobe Creative Cloud provides users with unlimited access to download and install all Creative Suite 6 desktop applications.
Adobe has lashed back at Apple CEO Steve Jobs' comment where he characterised Adobe as "lazy".