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The key of the Confidence is taking up the task which needs your strength as a whole. The task which you can perform by doing something else at the same time will neither pleasue you nor make you a different person.
You can't take a rest. Be alert in this digital world ! Apple has released an urgent update to its desktop operating systems and the Safari web browser to block a hack that could have turned the machines into spying tools.
There was a time when means of communication were very limited. Communication begins with language, the distinctive ability which has made possible the evolution of human society. The history of communication is mankind's search for ways to improve upon shouting.
Apple will now pay people, including security researchers, for information about security vulnerablities they've found in the company's software. Everybody from Uber to Facebook to the Defense Department already offers such bounties, so Apple is late to the game.
So much is going on in Smartphone Industry today. Looks like IT Giants are on high competition to rule in Cell Phone industry.
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook visited India in May on a charm offensive, meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss his company’s manufacturing and retailing plans, watching a cricket match and posing for photographs with Bollywood stars. During the visit, Apple announced plans to open two new offices in India to foster the development of mobile apps and mapping services in the country.
Many people from the technology world and many policy makers were waiting for the meeting of Apple CEO Tim Cook with PM MOdi. Today Cook met him at his official residence 7 Race Course road. Cook discussed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi the possibilities of manufacturing and retailing in the country.
Apple Inc's chief executive Tim Cook is going to land in India in few hours from now. The Apple CEO is flying to the country from China, where Apple announced a $1 billion investment in the local ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing. Cook, who joined Apple in March 1998 and took over as chief executive in 2011, will fly in his private jet into Mumbai. After becoming CEO this will be his first visit to India.
An old bug called Error 53 is back and is troubling iPhone 6 users who have complained that their devices repaired by third-party repair shops are breaking.
A frustration I have is that a lot of people increasingly seem to equate an advertising business model with somehow being out of alignment with your customers ... I think it's the most ridiculous concept. What, you think because you're paying Apple that you're somehow in alignment with them? If you were in alignment with them, then they'd make their products a lot cheaper!
One of the biggest concerns of smartphone users is a good battery life. Apple iPhone 5S offers only minor improvement over its predecessors on battery life. Most iPhone users still prefer not to step out for a day without a power bank or charger.
Every day Himanshu Chakrawarti's iPhone gets flooded with SMSes and calls with personal requests for speedy delivery of iPhone 5S. But the CEO of India's largest cellphone retail chain The MobileStore is unable to pay heed because he says the waiting list for Apple's top-end smartphone is more than twice the number he has sold till now.
After tasting success with the buyback offer for iPhone 4 earlier this year, Apple has again started the scheme, going more aggressive to sell two of its smartphones.
Android tablets had already left Apple iPad tablets behind in number of shipments. Now the Google operating system-powered tablets have also stolen a march over Apple tablets in revenue, claims a research note.
Apple and Samsung are grabbing virtually all the profits in the red-hot smartphone market while most other makers are losing money, an analyst said Thursday.
How much does Samsung Electronics owe Apple for copying vital features of the iPhone and iPad? Apple says $380 million. Samsung counters with $52 million.
Apple and Samsung's re-starting of the patent litigation was to contend the amount to be paid in damages, and it looks like the companies have very different ideas on what that is.
Apple attorney Harold McElhinny told jurors in a San Jose, California federal court that Samsung should pay $379.8 million for violating five patents on the iPhone. Samsung attorney William Price, meanwhile, said Samsung should only have to pay about...
Opening statements are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, and the trial is expected to last about a week.
Apple could soon start sourcing chips for its iOS devices from GlobalFoundries in New York, according to a new report.
Apple and Samsung return to a California court this week for another round in the blockbuster patent trial between the two biggest smartphone makers.
After a hiatus of patent infringement lawsuits, Apple and Samsung are once again going to court this week, reconsidering damages awarded from Apple's suit.
Microsoft and Apple had both expressed interest in BlackBerry's intellectual property and patents, while BlackBerry also held discussions with Cisco, Google and Lenovo.
Organisers of Frankfurt book fair criticized Amazon, Apple and Google whose entry into the world of digital books is threatening the publishing industry.
It looks like the South Korean mobile and electronics giant is on the lookout for software-based startups to strengthen its mobile offerings.
Apple has acquired Cue, a personal assistant app, for an undisclosed amount. It is being speculated that Cue will help Apple compete with its Android-counterpart, Google Now.
It looks like Samsung will continue to make chips for Apple's next generation devices.
According to EU Competition Commissioner, Samsung has formally submitted a set of commitments to address concerns about unfair trade practices against rival Apple.
Apple is the new most valuable brand in the world, according to a closely followed annual report.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition will soon be available in select markets globally.
BlackBerry was too slow to capitalise on its handsets' popularity with ordinary Indonesians.
The arrival of Google Wallet on the iPhone shows Google is eager to connect with Apple customers.
A US judge has ordered a new trial for November to review a portion of the damages tossed out in the patent case involving Apple and Samsung.
Apple and Motorola have filed dozens of such lawsuits around the world to protect their technology.
Apple colluded with publishers to fix e-book prices promised on Tuesday not to intrude much on how it runs its business.
The United States offered to ease the terms of a proposed civil injunction against Apple for conspiring to raise e-book prices.
Apple's iCloud and iMessage services were reportedly hit by a major outage on Thursday and Friday.
Apple has reportedly laid out new rules for developers making apps for children under 13.
Xiaomi looks a bit like Apple but is really more like Amazon with some elements of Google.
A federal judge has scheduled a May 2014 trial to determine damages in the Apple e-book price fixing trial.
Norway has restricted Apple from taking aerial photographs of the capital Oslo for its Maps app over security reasons.
The future of Apple has been a popular topic of discussion since the death of co-founder and maverick CEO Steve Jobs.
A judge has refused a request by Apple to temporarily suspend her ruling that it violated antitrust laws by conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices.
Heavyweight publishers came out swinging against a bid by the US Department of Justice to rein in deals Apple can make with e-book providers.
Apple has been conducting a global litigation campaign against phone manufacturers that use the Android operating system, developed by Google.
A 21-year-old Australian woman who was trying to buy Apple smartphones online was conned into paying $1,200 for two edible apples!
US Department of Justice said Apple must cut ties with the five publishers with which it was found guilty of running an e-book price-fixing scheme.
The company had blocked access to the site after an intrusion last week and it is still not clear what data, if any, was compromised by the attack.
Apple Inc this week said its revenue in Greater China, which also includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, slumped 43 percent to $4.65 billion from the previous quarter. That was also 14 percent lower from the year-ago quarter.
EU regulators accepted a pledge by Pearson's Penguin unit to scrap its ebook deals with Apple.

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