BENGALURU: French IT giant Capgemini, with over 40% of its workforce in India, is looking to consolidate its Indian entities into a single holding company. Its consolidated operations are likely to be largely based in Bengaluru where the company is looking for a one-million-sqft office space.
Explaining the nature of problems in India, he said the country's size and its population also add up to the problem.
Mr. Andrade's profile on professional network site LinkedIn states his current work profile as Capgemini Vice President, Consumer Products/Retail/Distribution BPO - Americas.
The Indian IT industry may no longer see 30-35 per cent growth rates, Aruna Jayanthi, chief executive, Capgemini India, told NDTV Profit in an interview. She adds that Europe has largely remained an untapped market and is likely to emerge as the new ...
The number of rich Indians fell 18 per cent in 2011 to 125,000 from 153,000 in 2010, according to report by Capgemini. The HNI is defined as an individual with $1 million or more for investment. This does not include personal assets like primary resi...
About 78 per cent of the people surveyed said that they may buy a vehicle from a particular car manufacturer or dealer if they found positive comments.
The government on Friday said direct tax collection has surpassed the budget estimate of Rs 3.70 lakh crore for the 2010 fiscal.