Investigators are looking into whether the fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in London last week was caused by the battery of an emergency locator transmitter built by Honeywell International Inc, according to a source familiar with the probe.
The Niagara control system from Honeywell International's Tridium division are configured to connect to the Internet by default.
The shares of Honeywell Automation, a subsidiary of diversified American firm Honeywell, closed the day with a 20 per cent loss on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at Rs 2,503.55. Here's why it happened.
Shares in Honeywell Automation India slump 19.5 per cent after saying Honeywell Asia Pacific plans to cut its stake in the domestic unit.
Ajay Singh, director of SpiceJet, says a 10 per cent service tax imposed on domestic air travel in the Budget would mean an increase in air ticket prices by about Rs 350-400 given that the average economy fair is between Rs 3500-4000.