Founded on December 14, 2002, World's Largest Professional Network, LinkedIn announced an online learning portal with thousands of courses aimed at helping individuals pivot or pick up new skills for their careers.
No doubt, tech giants are capturing every possibility. They are leaving no stone unturned in becoming and remaining the Boss. The world’s technology giants are sitting on an unprecedented mountain of cash. And with Microsoft embarking on one of the largest technology acquisitions in history, there’s new evidence that they’re willing to spend it.
According to data compiled by LinkedIn, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, TCS, Amazon, Microsoft and Airtel round off the top 10.
LinkedIn will sell shares worth USD 1 billion to fund its global expansion as well as invest in product development and meet working capital requirements.
LinkedIn will soon open up its service to high school students as part of an effort to help steer their collegiate careers.
LinkedIn had to reportedly re-post ads after they were pulled off for showing female engineers considered too attractive to be real-life engineers.
LinkedIn has emerged a hotspot for marketers over the past couple of months as social media experts say Indian users have increased their visit to the site.
Microsoft mogul Bill Gates' has joined LinkedIn.
LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking site, has over 20 million users in India, within four years of launching its operations in the country.
Etihad Airways has launched an innovative online mapping tool developed in cooperation with professional network LinkedIn.
Computer scientists have developed a new software, which uses LinkedIn network to guide your career.
Experts have shared their top tips on how to use LinkedIn at the workplace as the professional social network is fraught with danger.
The top childhood dream jobs for men in India were engineer (18.6%), scientist (9.4%), soldier (8.3%), airplane or helicopter pilot and doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (6%) and teacher (5.7%), reveals LinkedIn research.
Professional networking site LinkedIn has announced a redesign of its profile pages. The firm said that the new design will make it easier to connect, discover new people, find opportunities and network.
Professional networking site, LinkedIn, sent a short mail to its users asking them to reset their passwords
Professional networking site LinkedIn unveiled localised hiring solutions for the Indian market.
Google Inc?s new social-networking service may grow to claim 22 per cent of online US adults in a year.
LinkedIn Corp, operator of the largest networking site for professionals, became accessible again in Beijing after a disruption of more than 24 hours.