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Just a few years ago, most of my online social activity revolved around Facebook. I was an active member of several Facebook groups, including one that helped me and others find apartments and sell used items. Another group was wonderful for organizing midnight movie screenings. And I used Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest achievements of my sisters and their children, and the many members of my extended family.
Seeking to woo more young voters in coming 2014 Lok Sabha polls, social networking site Facebook launched a new feature 'Register to Vote'.
The study was undertaken across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr etc.
Google wants more Indian web users to head to YouTube. And in return it is promising to put a smile on their face.
Narendra Modi's online mentions over the past six months have grown by 126 percent while those of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi dropped by 2 percent, a survey said.
Nine of 10 (or about 88%) online consumers in India share content on social media sites compared to 71% globally, according to a survey report.
Twitter users may be inadvertently revealing their location through updates on the social media site, according to a new analysis that sampled more than 15 million tweets.
Facebook has reportedly been found to be a crime participant in more than 1,000 offences which include sexual grooming and harassment.
Teenagers who see friends smoking and drinking alcohol in photographs posted on social networking sites are more likely to indulge in such behaviour themselves, a new study suggests.
A necklace worn by Chancellor Angela Merkel sporting the colours of the German flag has acquired a dedicated Twitter account delivering satirical jibes following its much-commented upon appearance at a TV debate.
Google and Ministry of Tourism want you to shoot images that show the life, culture and places within India and share them on Google+.
Though many technology companies run bug bounty programmes, Facebook and Google are considered most generous.
David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly furious with Cyber bullies for targeting their eldest son, Brooklyn, and calling him "ugly."
To reach out and create more awareness among the general public, the Corporate Affairs Ministry plans to unleash online initiatives by tapping Twitter, Facebook and other avenues.
Smartphones, not computers, drive the use of social media in Gujarat.
The picture comes in the same week that the Oxford English Dictionary included the word "selfie" to denote a self-taken photograph on a smartphone.
A person's intensity of Facebook use can be predicted by activity in a reward-related area of the brain, according to a new study.
Facebook is considering incorporating most of its 1 billion-plus members' profile photos into its growing facial recognition database.
With an eye on a bigger national role, Modi has been tweeting in 13 languages including Urdu apart from English and Hindi.
Twitter has introduced a 'report tweet' option for users who are targeted with threatening and abusive messages on the popular social networking site.
Writer Chetan Bhagat's tweet on Wednesday comparing the depreciation of rupee to sexual assault drew sharp criticism on the web. Activists found the tweet to be sexist, insensitive and adding to a larger narrative of "rape culture".
Best-selling novelist Chetan Bhagat faced nationwide anger on social media sites today after tweeting that the country's plunging currency had been "raped".
Security experts said electronic records showed that, the only site with an hours-long outage, redirected visitors to a server controlled by the Syrian group before it went dark.
Jan Samvad, one of the 20 sub-committees formed by Modi, is aimed at encouraging people's participation.
The website of The New York Times experienced another outage on Tuesday afternoon, likely caused by hackers, the company said.
Social media giant Facebook has reportedly decided to end its physical gift offering feature and introduce gift cards.
Facebook has begun letting members collaborate on shared online photo albums at the leading social network.
The online repository will have details of the case against Perarivalan and photos and videos of various protests and events relating to cause for the abolition of capital punishment.
There are millions of Facebook users worldwide; however, many of them might be unaware of the fact that they are using the popular social media site in a wrong fashion.
Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm to ensure it displays more 'high quality' content from pages that users engage with.
Calls for a "million people march" scheduled for Monday began circulating on Facebook and Twitter about two weeks ago after local press reports of a scam involving the Priority Development Assistance Fund.
Facebook is reportedly logged in by users for as many as 850 million times a month and now the developers intend to separate the service from the earlier single-login process for other subscription services.
Social media shouldn't be ignored, says Human Resource Development Minister Shashi Tharoor, who believes that politicians have now come to realise the importance of social networking.
People online took to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking services to express their anger and dismay over the incident.
In Indonesia's capital Jakarta, a buzzer is not an alarm or a bell, but someone with a Twitter account and more than 2,000 followers who is paid to tweet.
A new study has revealed that social and professional networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even smartphone applications can have unforeseen consequences in divorce settlement negotiations.
Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan distanced himself from a YouTube video that gave an impression that he endorsed BJP leader Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India.
In an attempt to garner more followers, Indian comedians are using social media, especially Twitter
The site is managed and run by New York-based Flatparty and it claims to provide a unique experience in the social networking space with the latest technologies.
Union minister Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday said social media alone cannot help win elections but gives new options of reaching out to public.
Huawei's message to Pakistan on its 67th Independence Day has reportedly offended the country by failing to include the disputed region of Kashmir as part of Pakistan on its Facebook page.
Google said it would increase its focus on photo-sharing by offering tools to help both professionals as well as amateurs to share their images.
A researcher who hacked into Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's profile to expose a security flaw won't get the customary reward payment from the social network.
Khalil, a Palestinian white hat hacker, submitted bug reports to Facebook about a vulnerability that allowed him to post on anyone's wall.
The United Nations is turning to social media to raise money and awareness of humanitarian crises that have fallen off the global agenda, said UN undersecretary general Valerie Amos.
Google Hangouts is one of the best video chat and conference services, but it's easy to forget that it's not just for talking to friends privately.
The report added that Obama does not manage the White House Twitter feed as he has a separate Twitter account.
An Israeli official involved in government public relations has been suspended from his work for writing crude Facebook posts.
A Toronto area mechanic who posted a tweet seeking marijuana to alleviate boredom at work this week got a reply from the police.
Yellow is not saffron ? thundered armies of outraged tweeple ? as Google?s Doodle celebrating India?s Independence Day struck the wrong colour.

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