Sharing personal information on social media by job seekers may lead to hiring discrimination, a new US study claims.
Twitter has been accused of infringing three IBM patents, according to a Twitter securities filing on Monday, but claims "meritorious defenses" in each case.
IBM has accused Twitter of infringing three IBM patents, one of which relates to online advertising, according to a Twitter securities filing on Monday. Twitter said it has "meritorious defenses" to those claims, and IBM has not filed a lawsuit.
Twitter has launched a new tablet optimised app for Android which for now is exclusively available on Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1-2014 tablet.
The closure comes only days after al-Shabab claimed a failed assassination attempt against Somalia's president and tweeted that the next time the president wouldn't be so lucky.
A San Francisco startup said Wednesday it has indexed all public Twitter posts dating back to the first 'tweet' ever fired off seven years ago.
A necklace worn by Chancellor Angela Merkel sporting the colours of the German flag has acquired a dedicated Twitter account delivering satirical jibes following its much-commented upon appearance at a TV debate.
Etihad Airways has launched a new Arabic Twitter account to engage with the Arabic-speaking community on the popular social media platform.
To reach out and create more awareness among the general public, the Corporate Affairs Ministry plans to unleash online initiatives by tapping Twitter, Facebook and other avenues.
Indian-origin Vijaya Gadde is the new general counsel for micro-blogging giant Twitter.
The picture comes in the same week that the Oxford English Dictionary included the word "selfie" to denote a self-taken photograph on a smartphone.
Twitter has introduced a 'report tweet' option for users who are targeted with threatening and abusive messages on the popular social networking site.
The start-up Trendrr specializing in tuning into online banter by TV viewers said that it has been bought by Twitter.
Security experts said electronic records showed that, the only site with an hours-long outage, redirected visitors to a server controlled by the Syrian group before it went dark.
Amazon's unit that runs web servers for other companies had problems that coincided with outages or slowdowns on several popular websites.
A new study has revealed that social and professional networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even smartphone applications can have unforeseen consequences in divorce settlement negotiations.
The report added that Obama does not manage the White House Twitter feed as he has a separate Twitter account.
In the world of cyberfraud, a fake fan on Instagram can be worth five times more than a stolen credit card number.
A new app has been developed for iOS and Android Devices that will protect Twitter users' accounts from hackers and other attackers.
Twitter has been sued for not taking any action against the trending anti-gay topic on its website.
Narendra Modi is most mentioned on social networking sites followed by BJP leader LK Advani and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, a survey revealed.
Spain's Melia brand of hotels has unveiled their new Sol Wave House in Majorca as the first 'Twitter Hotel' of the world.
Shia cleric maulana Saif Abbas stated that posting one's photographs on social networking websites particularly by women was against shariat law. Shaher qazi added that it was fine to post one's pictures for business purposes or for a good cause.
India's two prominent Islamic helplines are discouraging young callers, especially women, from creating profiles and posting pictures on popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter on the ground that it is un-Islamic.
Twitter has reportedly declared formation of a new political action committee and hire a federal lobbyist for the first time.
Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu had his Twitter account suspended today for "aggressively following" other users, just hours after it was launched.
The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was forced to deny rumours of his death after hackers planted a false report on Twitter accounts of a state news agency.
If Twitter is the chirping chatterbox of the internet, trolls are its dark underground denizens.
Twitter's UK chief has apologized to women who have recently been victims to abuse on the microblogging site.
Tony Wang, the general manager for Twitter UK, apologized to Caroline Criado-Perez, who had received death threats on the social media website around a week ago after she campaigned to put the picture of Jane Austen on bank notes.
The British arm of Twitter apologised to a group of high-profile women who have been threatened with death and rape on the micro-blogging site.
Twitter revealed on Wednesday that government demands for information about users rose in the first half of this year, with US authorities accounting for more than three-quarters of the requests.
Twitter has reportedly launched a feature that allows users to report about 'tweet abuse'.
Pope Francis and President Barack Obama are the most influential world leaders on Twitter.
British police yesterday arrested a man in connection with online threats made toward a feminist campaigner, a case which has ignited calls for social media platforms to institute stronger protections against verbal abuse.
Twitter is under pressure in Britain to make it easier for internet users to report abuse after more than 30,000 people petitioned it over the case of a feminist campaigner.
Twitter will become comparable to a non-evolving, static structure like TV in the future, a new study predicts.
Apart from the routine congratulatory messages, Twitter saw jokes about the newest addition to the Britain's royal family.
Political parties are taking social media heft more seriously as its utility as an influencing agent and an effective recruiting ground for volunteers and political talent is increasingly becoming evident.
Twitter co-founder has suggested a business idea to Facebook to charge users a premium if they want to have an ad-free experience.
The first thing you notice when you arrive at the home of the other Joe Nocera is the New York Yankees' flag that hangs from his porch.
British Prime Minister David Cameron fell victim to a Twitter spoof today when he sent a message linked to a fake account that lampoons the government and portrays ministers as a privileged elite.
Irish singer Brian McFadden has offered a reward in a bid to find the hoaxer running a Twitter account in his name.
Twitter suspended the twitter handle that purportedly belonged to the terror outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM), and blocked another handle which its creator claimed to be the ?real? account of the jihadi group.
Twitter said it had handed over data to French authorities to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets.
Acting on India's request, the US-based micro-blogging giant Twitter Inc on Thursday suspended the purported Twitter handle of the terror outfit Indian Mujahideen.
Apart from updating its apps, Twitter has also improved its search results for Android, iPhone, iPad and
The purported twitter handle of the terror outfit - Indian Mujahideen - is still alive and kicking.
The NIA is seeking the help of social networking giant Twitter to know the registration details of an alleged Indian Mujahideen handle that claimed responsibility for the Bodh Gaya blasts 12 hours after the explosions.
Andy Murray mania swept Twitter post his victory at Wimbledon.

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