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The iconic name "YAHOO" will not be visible now. Yahoo is no more now. On Tuesday the company announced that as soon as the Verizon deal gets over, it will stop to cease as it exists now. The company will henceforth be called Altaba Inc.
The success of Yahoo in 90's was like a dream. Yahoo was the undisputed leader on internet portals. When the company went public in 1996, its shares rocketed by 154% in a day.
Its a world's biggest hack. Yahoo Inc said on Thursday that at least 500 million of its accounts were hacked in 2014 by what it believed was a state-sponsored actor.
Yahoo was once a trailblazer: it was here before Facebook and Google. It was here before we texted, tweeted, or snapped. Its place in the history of the Internet is in some ways singular: It was for many the first way they experienced the web. Yahoo was an early Internet pioneer and is used by around one billion people, Yahoo's future appears to be in question.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has begun firing as many as 500 under-performing employees, All Things D's Kara Swisher reports. After joining the company in July 2012, Mayer instituted new employee performance reviews one year ago.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has said that some companies aim to connect, others to organize, but her company is all about entertaining.
Yahoo, one of the biggest email providers in the world, has been sued for intercepting users' emails. The lawsuit has been filed by Brian Pincus, a lawyer who seeks to represent non-Yahoo email users whose emails have been read by the internet company.
It is still early for Mayer, but her design choices do not clarify what Yahoo wants to be when it grows up.
Journalists were told to "avoid until further notice the use of search engines and e-mail services from Google and Yahoo."
According to a report by the Washington Post, the NSA tapped into the main communication links of Google and Yahoo's data centres.
According to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the new e-mail policy of the government will be put into effect by mid-December.
Yahoo has launched a new interactive news service for Samsung Smart TV devices.
In yet another acquisition since Marissa Mayer's joining, Yahoo has bought out LookFlow, an online discovery startup.
Yahoo has announced it will be closing its office in Cairo, Egypt, as part of its efforts to "streamline operations".
Yahoo has hired influential New York Times writer, David Pogue, to head an expansion of its consumer technology news offerings.
A court found Yahoo to be delaying the integration of Bing services since the two companies signed a deal in 2010, and has ordered it to expedite it.
A US judge ruled on Monday that Yahoo must adopt Microsoft's search technology in Taiwan and Hong Kong under their partnership, forged in 2010, to try and lessen Google Inc's dominance in search advertising.
Yahoo Inc has hired New York Times columnist David Pogue to oversee an expansion of the company's consumer technology website, the latest such voice to leave a newspaper.
Yahoo on Tuesday spruced up its free Web-based email service as chief Marissa Mayer continued her quest to win users from rival Google for online tasks people tend to daily.
HP is trying to revitalize its growth, by building a more connected workforce, through measures that reduce 'work from home' practices
Yahoo has completely redesigned its mail offering on the service's 16th birthday. The new look is available for Android, iOS, desktop, and Windows 8.
The Alliance for Affordable Internet will push for an open broadband market to boost global access to the Internet.
Earn bragging rights amongst your friends by having your photos represent your hometown or another city or country on Yahoo's Weather app for iOS and Android.
Yahoo Japan has developed a voice-activated Internet search that links to a 3D printer, letting users look online for blueprints to deliver solid objects.
Yahoo's stock has nearly doubled in value as Mayer has taken steps to boost sagging employee morale.
The figure for the 800 million Yahoo users doesn't include the traffic that the company has picked up from its acquisition of Tumblr.
Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer on Wednesday said she feared winding up in prison for treason if she refused to comply with US spy demands for data.
Yahoo News has named Megan Liberman as its new editor-in-chief.
The Yahoo Screen app will be available initially for Apple's iPhone and iPad, but Yahoo intends to develop a version for Google's Android software.
Human rights activists and US legislators criticized Yahoo for disclosing details of Shi's email to the Chinese government, which led to his conviction.
Yahoo has adopted a new logo for the first time since shortly after the Internet company's founding 18 years ago.
The purple logo spells out the word Yahoo!, with no letters touching and ending with an exclamation point.
Wary of cyber snooping, the government may ban use of e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo for official communications.
The update brings preset filters, the ability to create one's own filters, an interface to take photos, and live filter previews
An unauthorized biography of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reportedly portrays her as opposite to what is seen in the media.
Yahoo has confirmed that it has bought image search specialty startup IQ Engines to add the company's technology to its Flickr photo service.
IQ Engines is known for software that analyzes, sorts, and categorizes images using techniques including facial recognition.
Yahoo shares powered higher on Thursday after a survey showed it topped a survey for US web visitors for the first time since 2011.
Yahoo has topped the comScores monthly US Web rankings for the month of July, beating out long-time rival Google.
Yahoo?s email service in China has been shut down.
Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr includes a $110 million payment to founder David Karp.
Yahoo's push to re-invent itself will include a new logo to be introduced next month.
Yahoo has acquired Rockmelt, a Silicon Valley start-up that built a web browser tied to Facebook's social network.
Yahoo said it bought e-commerce platform start-up Lexity, racking up its 20th acquisition since Marissa Mayer became CEO.
Activist hedge fund Third Point reached an agreement to sell two-thirds of its stake in Yahoo back to the company.
Cameron said search engines must block results for searches using blacklisted keywords to stop internet users from accessing illegal images.
Yahoo! said that its second-quarter profit rose sharply from a year ago, but revenues lagged.
A secret US court overseeing government domestic surveillance activities has sided with Yahoo Inc and ordered the Obama administration to declassify and publish a 2008 court decision justifying Prism, the data collection programme revealed last month by former security contractor Edward Snowden.
Yahoo's second-quarter results didn't give investors a reason to celebrate the completion of CEO Marissa Mayer's first year running the internet company.
Yahoo Inc shares surged 8 per cent to a new five-year high on Wednesday, as investors ignored the web portal's struggling business and cheered the strong performance of its investment in Alibaba Group.

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