The revamp will redesign the comments feed, and give users sharing videos "new tools" to review comments.
YouTube has announced that the feature would be launched later this year, in November.
YouTube has 55 million unique visitors every month here, and 40% of them use the service on mobile phones.
Google wants more Indian web users to head to YouTube. And in return it is promising to put a smile on their face.
The Pakistan Government has set a three-day deadline to the PTA for applying a response mechanism to stop the uploading of blasphemous content on the internet before it unblocks YouTube.
A few hours after Google banned its YouTube app, Microsoft hit out saying that ?Google just doesn?t want Windows Phone users to have the same experience as Android and Apple (iOS) users.?
The 67th Indian Independence Day celebrations and the Prime Minister's address to the Nation will be streamed live on YouTube, Doordarshan announced.
Pakistan's Information Technology State Minister Anusha Rehman said: "Over 2,700 objectionable websites have been blocked in the country since the ban on YouTube."
A belly dancer has blasted Obama's decision to back Muslim Brotherhood in a music video that has gone viral on Youtube.
The series, created by Graphic India, is part of efforts that Google is making to pitch YouTube as a viable alternative to traditional television.
A bench of the Lahore High Court summoned the minister and the federal IT secretary after they both failed to appear during today's hearing.
Pakistani authorities have told a court that the ban on YouTube cannot be lifted until a mechanism is put in place to permanently block blasphemous contents on the popular video-sharing website.
The Pakistan government is reportedly considering to reopen video sharing website YouTube after Eid-ul-Fitr.
For as little as Rs 5,000, rookie directors have been able to make short films for release on YouTube.
A Pakistani court has refused to issue an interim order to restore the services of YouTube in the country.
Google Inc's YouTube said on Wednesday that it has made an investment in online music video hub Vevo, which provides some of the most popular content on YouTube.
Bangladesh lifted a ban on popular video sharing website YouTube, eight months after it was imposed to prevent the viewing of an anti-Islam film which had sparked worldwide protests.
Video sharing website YouTube has been tested as an effective research tool in a new research.
Tajikistan has blocked YouTube for the third time in less than a year, a representative of the country's internet industry said.
The ban on YouTube in Pakistan is likely to be lifted in the first week of May, as Google administration has approached the Ministry of Information Technology
YouTube was banned by the Pakistan government in September 2012 after it sparked anger and violent protests across the country and the Arab world.
In the first 24 hours, it racked up around 20 million hits, destroying the previous record for single-day views of 8.0 million
Teen pop star Justin Bieber refuses to read comments about his videos on YouTube because negative remarks make him feel sad.
YouTube is reportedly planning to launch a music streaming service to rival Spotify later this year.
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is pushing forward its initiative of using technology to promote academics and values.
The entertainment industry, struggling with the problem of piracy, is now being forced to deal with illegal copies of films finding their way on video-streaming site YouTube.
The tourism ministry has uploaded on Youtube the 58-minute sound and light show held at Delhi's Red Fort to share it with people seeking information on the 17th century structure.
Almost one-third of the YouTube viewers in India access videos on their mobiles and spend over 48 hours a month on the website, a Google study said.
Internet search giant Google has signed a deal with UK based satellite TV service Freesat to launch a full-blown YouTube television channel.
Children who watch cartoons and others kids programmes on YouTube are an average of three clicks away from videos with explicit content, a study has said.
The Union I&B ministry's free-to-air channel on YouTube, which gives people access to historical recordings, research findings, movie trailers, IEC campaigns, photographs, live telecasts among other priceless data, is slowly catching on.
The blockade on YouTube is a bar on "civil liberties", said a Pakistani daily that sought restoration of full access to the internet.
IBM connections is a new solution that offers the specs of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and has additional blandishments to boot.
Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik has said that he will restore access to video-sharing website Youtube in the coming hours.
Internet search giant Google has updated its YouTube app for Apple's iPad and iPhone 5, according to a report.
Just after a month after video sharing website YouTube was banned in Pakistan for failing to block sacrilegious content, the Interior Minister has hinted that the site could be reopened.
A group of lawyers today moved the Delhi High Court seeking a direction to Centre to ensure that Google India removes from YouTube trailers of Innocence of Islam.
President Pranab Mukherjee has strongly condemned the offensive video on YouTube.
The information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry has made a quiet debut on YouTube garnering 2,378 hits in a matter of a few days.
Poonam Pandey's four minute long YouTube video has
Now you want to have to watch the pirated bad print films on internet or Dvds. The recently released bollywood movies will be screened on the internet for free, courtesy Google's YouTube.
Google's popular video sharing website YouTube will soon be overhauled and turned into a premium content competitor with organised channels and professionally produced video.
YouTube is running advertisements on videos more than 3 billion times a week, a 50 per cent increase from May, helping Google Inc wring more revenue from its largest acquisition.
YouTube and top associations of French authors, filmmakers and other creative artists say they have struck an agreement to put more TV shows and movies online in France.
YouTube has launched a free movie service that will allow users to view full movies for free
The popular video sharing site YouTube has just added a new feature that tells users top videos across categories.
If you thought YouTube and Flickr were the largest video and photo sharing sites in India, it might be time to have your statistics updated.
Social-networking website Facebook Inc is growing faster than Google Inc's YouTube as a place to watch videos.
Three Google executives were convicted of privacy violations on Wednesday in allowing a video of an autistic boy being abused to be posted online a case that has been closely watched for its implications on Internet freedom.
Google has introduced a "safety mode" for YouTube watchers that filters out smut and other objectionable material, the company announced on Thursday.

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