Behavioral Interview Questions

These questions determine your past behavior which would be a future indicator of employee behavior. Always remember �STAR� which is
There would be questions on wide range of topics such as:-
Describe about a situation in which you had to convince your superiors about a proposal and to follow your vision?
Explain to us about a situation in which you had to fire your friend?
What was the last goal you reached and how you achieved it?
What were the changes you brought into your company which were absolutely dynamic for the progress of the company?
If you are assigned work which is very huge, how do you get it done?
Give me an example where you had to use logic and judgment for completion of the work?
Give us a specific example when you had to deal with an angry customer. Explain us about the problem, situation and how you dealt with him?
A customer is using a product of the rival company how would you convince him to use a product of our own enterprise?
How would you handle a situation in which you have to manage a branch office because the manager has just left the company and you have a huge work already on you?