Certifications Interview Questions

I am just getting into this,I want to jump ahead a do the packet tracers in discovery working at a small to medium business or ISP but I am trying to get the last lab putting it all together. Does anyone have anything for this. I know it is ahead of me but I would like to get this so I can look at the beginning and understand it more?
Which utility should use to test whether TCP/IP has been initialized on a system.friends plz post the answer with explaination?
How to crimping cat cable without using crimping and any tool?
I have informatica R and T dump with ans?
The success of control self-assessment (CSA) depends highly

A. Having line managers assume a portion of the responsibility for control monitoring.
B. Assigning staff managers the responsibility for building,
but not monitoring, controls.
C. The implementation of stringent control policy and rule-driven controls.
D. The implementation of supervision and the monitoring of
control assigned duties?
How to find network ID from IP address? without using network calc?
eparation of duties between computer opeartors and other
data processing personnel is intended to:
A. Prevent unauthorized modifications to program or data.
B. Reduce overall cost of operations
C. Allow operators to concentrate on their assigned duties
D. Restrict operator access to data?
I am an engineering student and this is my final year. so i m planing of doing OCA certification course. is this time good? are there future scope for it?
Explain CASQ certification pprs?
How to solve problem of Blank screen in laptop within 5 minutes. everything is running fine in my laptop but screen is blank even i remove RAM & Insert again in RAM slot & also try to battery same as but problem is as it is Plz give me answer if you know?
What is Server OS? What is Domain Controler?
What is the difference between dynamic NAT and NAT overloading?
A data center has a badge-entry system. Which of the
following is MOSTimportant to protect the computing assets
in the center?

A. Badge readers are installed in locations where tampering would be noticed
B. The computer that controls the badge system is backed up frequently
C. A process for promptly deactivating lost or stolen badges exists
D. All badge entry attempts are logged?
what is plan version in sap hr?
Which one is the Best protocol- Static routing, RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF?
What is VLSM?