Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Interview Questions

CIDR is primarily used select one:
A. In BGP only
B. For classless routing
C. In OSPF only
D. In EIGRP only
Explain ITU-T G.692 standard makes what recommendation?
A. Optical Interfaces for Multi-channel Systems with Optical Amplifiers
B. Characteristics of a Dispersion-Shifted Single-Mode Fiber
C. Characteristics of Optical Fiber Amplifier Devices
D. Transmission characteristics of Passive Optical Components
How to enable SONET payload scrambling on a POS interface, use what configuration
command line?
A. pos scramble-atm in the global
B. pos scramble atm in the global
C. pos scramble-atm in the interface
D. pos scramble atm in the interface
Which two operational states can PVCs be in? (multiple answer)
A. Data transfer
B. D
C. Shut
Explain What is the purpose of automatic gain control (AGC) in EDFA?
A. Compensates gain tilt
B. Balances transient power
C. Serves as a variable optical attenuator
D. Serves as a substitute to gain flattening filter