CISCO Certification Interview Questions

Explain which of the following protocols are example of tcp/ip network access layer protocols?
1. ethernet
2. http
3. ip
4. udp.
5. smtp
6. tcp
7. ppp?
___________is designed to determine whether the software is fit for use.
A.Usability testing
B.Acceptance testing
C.System testing
D.Security testing
Explain Which of the following is not a group of COSO?
a) Financial Executives International
b) American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
c) American Accounting Association
d) Institute of Management Association
e) The Institute of Internal Auditors
Explain Which is a type of Regression testing?
a.Unit Regression testing
b.Regional Regression Testing
c.Full Regression Testing
d.All the above
Explain Which browser-based configuration device can be used to monitor and manage
multiple Cisco PIX Security Appliance?
A. Cisco PIX Device Manager
B. Cisco ASA Device Manager
C. Firewall Management Center
D. PIX Management Center
Explain Which command is used to encrypt passwords in the router configuration file?
A. service password-encryption
B. password-encryption
C. enable password encryption
D. encrypt password
Explain When Cisco routers are configured for SSH, how do they act?
A. as SSH servers
B. as SSH clients
C. as SSH and SSL servers
D. as SSH and SSL clients
E. as SSH accelerators
F. as SsH proxies
Explain Wireless Local Area Networks are implemented as an extension to
a) WAN
b) LAN
c) (a) & (b)
d) None of the above
Explain Who is ultimately responsible for the internal control system?
a) Chief Executive Officer
b) Chief Financial Officer
c) General Manager
d) Every employee of the company
e) None of the above
Explain Which administrative access mode for the Cisco PIX Security Appliance allows you
to view a restricted and limited view of current settings?
A. unprivileged mode
B. privileged mode
C. configuration mode
D. monitor mode
Explain Which command globally disables CDP?
A. no dcp
B. cdp disable
C. no cdp enable
D. no cdp run
Explain Which Cisco IOS command enables the AAA access-control commands and
functions on the router, and overrides the older TACACS and extended TACACS
A. no aaa authentication login default enable
B. aaa authentication login default local
C. aaa new-model
D. login authentication default
E. no login authentication default