Google Inc Interview Questions

You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density and to your horror you are present in an empty glass blender. You have 60 seconds before the blade starts movement. What will you do in that particular situation?
How do you convey the meaning of database in three sentences to a child?
You have a closet full of backs and it is very difficult for you to find or pick the right one? How do you sort or pick the right book?
What does Google do when you enter keywords and hit the return key?
How exactly does garbage collection work? Explain about three processes on three different platforms?
Everything about data structures, algorithms, searching and sorting algorithms, basic info is sufficient rather than brooding on the technical aspects, algorithm functioning, etc
Java development programmers should be able to answer about JVM, GC (Garbage collection pattern or process of various platforms), multi threading concepts, servlets, applets, info about JDBC basics, etc.
Do remember that Google uses cutting edge technology and it is very important for them to hire high end professionals. But general talk is that they train professionals once they are in for high end applications according to their skill.
Common Google Interview Questions