Skills Interview Questions

Do you like people?
Tell me about a time when a colleague strongly disagreed with your views, ideas, or way of working? What kind of relationship can you develop with such a person?
Do you think it is important to promote team building among employees in the organization? What steps do you take to ensure this?
How frequently do you add contacts to your address book? Do you think it is worth building network of contacts?
Describe how you get on with your work colleagues? How frequently do you seek each others support? How frequently do others seek and ask for support from you?
What, in your view makes a person likeable?
Do you think it is worthwhile to establish new relationships? What are the consequences of building new relationships in your professional and personal life?
How will you initiate a new relationship with a potential client? Do you think it is necessary?
If you are given a specific problem to solve, how do you decide what information is necessary to come up with a good solution?
What steps do you take when you have to make an immediate decision and you do not feel you have all the relevant or necessary information?
When you need to create an order of job tasks that need to be completed, how do you decide which task has priority?
You need information, and access to it is being denied to you. What steps do you take to acquire the information?
When was the last time you used an inventive method to draw out company resources beyond a level that is usually met?
When you are working, how often do you think of innovations that will improve your work performance?
What if there was a person you intensively disliked within your work team, yet you sense that this person is going to be the most creative in bringing the assignment to an effective conclusion. What steps do you take to nurture their contribution and demonstrate that you value their input?
When faced with a problem do you ever view it from the other persons point of view? Can you give me a recent example?
Can you explain the working culture of your current team? How do you manage to let your colleagues know that you are concerned about them?
Have you ever asked for feedback about your work? Is feedback a positive or a negative?
Tell me about a time you had to deal with a customer who was very vague?
Have any of your colleagues been regularly late at work? What was the reaction to this in your team?
Tell me about a time when you were accountable for a mistake you made. Did you accept responsibility?
How many days of attendance at work should be considered satisfactory? What has been your record of attendance at work?
What is your approach towards your personal and professional goals? How do you prioritize them? Give me some examples?
Do you regularly keep in touch with customers? How do you tell customers about new products and updates?
Tell me about a time you handled a situation in the wrong way? Did you admit your mistake? If so, to whom? How did you handle situation?
What steps do you take when there is an immediate decision to be made, but without having all the data available?
Describe a time when you made your resources stretch beyond the point that you or others thought was realistic.?
When deciding how to organize your work, how do you assess what tasks need to be given priority?
When there is too much work to be completed in one day how do you prioritize your tasks?
When was the last time that you tried a new idea to improve your work performance?
if you were confronted about an error, for which you were not personally responsible, how would you explain yourself?
When was the last occasion that you took a risk in the workplace, by saying or doing something that could have had adverse repercussions on you, but did not? Was the outcome in the long term favorable?
What was the outcome of a time where you created an advantage for your company, even though you were not in possession of all the data?
Have you ever used a new idea without being certain of the outcome? What did you do and was it a good decision?
When you are unsure of the outcome when trying a new idea, how do you react?
When all the conditions are variable in a project, how do determine how to proceed?
When changes occur in the company organization, that you think will make your workload unreasonably heavier in the long term, what is your reaction?
When was the last occasion when others benefited from your description of personal experiences regarding safety hazards?
When was the last occasion you had to make an instant decision to prevent a dangerous situation from becoming a crisis?
Has there been an occasion, when to proceed with a project you have had to use specialist safety equipment?
How regularly do you change your computer access code or password? Why do you make the change and what could be the result if you neglected to do so?
When you have been given a physically demanding task or assignment how do you handle the situation?
Has there been a situation at home or within the work place where you have observed a potential safety risk that no one else seemed to consider? If so, how did you rectify the situation?
You are aware that your current work place does not have the most modern or effective safety equipment available. Does this bother you and/or how do you handle this situation?